🎈 West Midland Safari Park Celebrates 45th Anniversary

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🎈 West Midland Safari Park Celebrates 45th Anniversary

West Midland Safari Park is celebrating its 45th anniversary this year with the help of their pride of African lions, one of the first species to arrive at the Park at its inception!

Opened in the spring of 1973, what began as a fairly small local attraction located in the heart of Worcestershire has now evolved into one of the largest attractions in the Midlands.

 An early image from 1975 of two lionesses

An early image from 1975 of two lionesses.

From humble beginnings with a total of 447 animals recorded during its first year, the Park now holds 837 animals, including a pride of 12 African lions, a colony of 21 Humboldt penguins and a troop of 13 ring-tailed lemurs.

Times have very much changed since the early seventies, with many animals becoming endangered and close to extinction in the wild. Participating in 23 breeding programmes including Sumatran tigers, Eld’s deer and African wild dogs, conservation is at the heart of everything that is done locally, nationally and internationally.

Births at the attraction are of particular importance due to the rate at which some of these beautiful species are reducing in the wild. Recent successes include Finn the tiny pancake tortoise, Fennessy the majestic Rothschild’s giraffe and half-siblings Ekozu and Fahari, the adorable southern white rhinos.

As well as the four-mile self-drive safari and animal exhibits, the 200 acre site is now home to the largest dinosaur and ice age experiences in the UK – Land of the Living Dinosaurs and Ice Age – the latter of which opened earlier this year. Both exhibits feature enormous animatronic creatures complete with breathing and roaring sound effects, allowing guests to step back in time and embark on a prehistoric adventure like no other.

Why not join us for a West Midland Safari Park break this year to help them celebrate their anniversary? Find dates and prices here.