National Holidays builds famous mini theatre scenes from toy bricks

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National Holidays builds famous mini theatre scenes from toy bricks

The National Holidays team has been getting creative this month, building iconic scenes from their most popular musical theatre trips using toy bricks. With professional help from Elspeth De Montes at Azure Brick, we recreated four famous miniature scenes that every theatre goer will recognise. Can you tell each act apart and guess which musical inspired the scenes?
The theatre recreations took around a month to complete, and required a steady hand and keen eye for detail.

1. Dirty Dancing – The Lift
This famously romantic climatic scene captures the moment that Patrick Swayze (Johnny) masters the complicated dance lift with Jennifer Grey (Baby) to the soundtrack of Time of my Life.

Optimized-Dirty Dancing 2 (2)

2. Les Misérables – French Revolution

This detailed plastic brick work design depicts the Paris Uprising of 1832, a central focus of the French historical novel by poet and author Victor Hugo.

les miserables lego theatre scene

3. The Phantom of the Opera – The Gondola

This delicate design created by the talented Azure Bricks is the classic ‘beyond the lake’ gondola scene from Andrew Lloyd Webber’s The Phantom of the Opera, where the Phantom can be seen transporting Christine to his lair next to the water.

Optimized-Phantom Opera 1 (2)

4. The Lion King – Presentation of Simba

This scene should be recognised by both adults and children alike, and represents the emotional moment where Rafiki holds freshly-born lion cub Simba in the air above the animal kingdom. It’s also the scene where the instantly recognisable song Circle of Life is played.
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